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    200th Episode Table Read

    Recently we had the 200th episode table read at work. (A table read is where all the actors and principals of the show gather around a table and do a read through of the script with the production team in attendance.) This one was a party event with members of the press and lots of celebs and guests in attendance. 

    Clockwise around the table from the far left are: Scott Grimes (Steve), Wendy Schaal (Francine), Matt Weitzman (Co-Creator/Show Runner), Seth MacFarlane (Stan, Roger), Brian Boyle (Writer/Producer), Rachael MacFarlane (Haley),  Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus),  Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis).  Not in attendance was Patrick Stewart (Deputy Director Bullock).  

    My copy of the 200th episode script. 

    Champagne and a Roger-shaped cake to celebrate the event. 

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