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    Opening Title Ripoff

    Back in the late 90's I was an assistant director on a show for the BBC called "Stressed Eric". I was asked by the show's producer to edit together and time out the opening title sequence and as often happens with my job, given some pretty wide leeway. My contribution of note was picking the audio track "Novacane" by the artist Beck; I cut it up and used it in my rough cut of the opening title for the series.

    Novacane by Beck:

    The idea, as with most music, is that it would be replaced by the show's composer. We sent the show off to England and I was on to other things. A few months later, we got to screen the first finished Stressed Eric episode fresh from London, and to my great surprise, the BBC composers really liked most of my music picks and kept the exact spirit of them throughout the show's soundtrack. Most astonishing for me, is the total dupe of "Novacane" that remains as the show's opening theme.

    The complete Stressed Eric DVD Collection. (I'm not sure if it's available in the States, but I want to try and get my hands on a copy. I haven't seen these shows myself in years.)

    Odd bit of Stressed Eric trivia: The show was mildly successful on BBC Channel 2, which isn't too odd, since it's a very uniquely British show. But for whatever reason, NBC (which in my business long earned the name Not Buying Cartoons) decided to pick the series up, re-dub them using American actors, and air the show in prime time in 1998. It was the first animated series since Mr. Magoo in 1965 that NBC had run prime time.

    I admit, I thought it was a dreadful idea from the start- but it was exciting to see something I AD'ed air prime time on a major broadcast network. The first hint of awful came from the re-dubbing. Hank Azaria was cast as Eric, but the whole show just didn't have any charm without the cool Brit accents. Just as bad, and probably for copyright reasons due to all the barely-disguised rips, the music soundtrack was just stripped right out of the show and replaced with…. silence! It played just horrendously silent, whereas the music had played a major role in the timing of sequences and buildup of Eric's stressful overreactions to everything.

    I think three episodes of the butchered US version ran on NBC before it was mercifully canceled.

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