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    This is our space on the web to help us keep in touch with our family and friends.   Leo and Ian's Blog. (Password Required) Leo is 6 years old and his brother Ian is 2.   GREAT BURNIN' BLU-RAYS! My favorite backup solution for 2014.   Some of our favorite trips currently and over the years.

    Kit, Cat and Kapoodle

    A short animated film I helped create with my good friend, Mike Milo. Mike animated the whole thing as part of his job working for Adobe, demonstrating the use of their animation software, Adobe Animate, on a weekly webcast he does. I wrote the script and did the soundtrack. Eric Scott Fisher painted the backgrounds. Our friend Marcus Hirn did the animatic.

    These are a couple of characters (two scrappy alley-kittens and a snooty, filthy rich poodle)  that Mike and I have spent years batting ideas around for. Finally, here's their first cartoon. 


    Some of Mike's production drawings from the film:




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