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    This is our space on the web to help us keep in touch with our family and friends.   Leo and Ian's Blog. (Password Required) Leo is 6 years old and his brother Ian is 2.   GREAT BURNIN' BLU-RAYS! My favorite backup solution for 2014.   Some of our favorite trips currently and over the years.

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    Palm Springs Time Lapse

    I took some time lapse video for the heck of it while out in Palm Springs with my son recently.

    Early Morning 6am -8am October 7th:

    Mid Afternoon to Sunset, October 8th:

    Great Weekend in Lake Arrowhead

    Leila, Leo and I had a great weekend together in Lake Arrowhead, along with 6 of our friends and four other kids.

    Lake Arrowhead

    After a grueling work schedule for both of us, it's great to get away with the little guy for a spell. This weekend we're all heading up to Lake Arrowhead, a lake region in the San Bernardino National Forest and mountain range. We'll be hanging with some friends in a rented cabin.

    San Diego Weekend

    Leila, Leo and I are in San Diego this weekend for a mini-vacation.

    Downtown San Diego.


    I'm enjoying a week of heat! Even in the night it doesn't relent: it was 102 F at 9 PM as I was walking around downtown Phoenix. More in the trips blog

    Irvine Regional Park


    We're spending our Labor Day holiday in Irvine with our son.

    4th of July


    We’re in Staunton, VA visiting my Mom for the 4th of July. We just watched the parade and now having some grub by the duck pond.

    And we’re off…!

    … to visit my folks in Virginia for the 4th of July holiday. Leo will get to meet his grandparents on my side. We'll be on an airplane by 7am tomorrow headed for the east coast. 🙂

    Back From San Diego

    I spent Friday and the weekend down in San Diego doing some writing with my friend Marcus. We had beautiful weather while there.  (Then again, when is there ever anything but beautiful weather in San Diego?)

    But now it's good to be back home in LA. No more travel for a while.

    It's easy to see why Nevada's Valley of Fire is a great place to film car commercials- its look embodies the 'open road' and the place feels about as far from civilization as you can get in North America. The roads are zig-zagging ribbons that unfold over and around rock ridges, before cascading down across amazing desert vistas; like the roads in the old Road Runner cartoons.

    And the scenery in all directions is breathtaking. I've never seen such an assortment of different looks all tossed together in one region: distant snow peaks mirroring the clouds, sharp black mountains and sudden outcrops of red rock thrust above the sagebrush.

    Little wonder then, while driving through here, we came across a road block. The State Trooper minding the road block informed us that  the wait would be about 20 minutes. "What for?" Up ahead, just over the ridge, they were shooting a Cadillac commercial. "Neat!"

    We waited, and finally some chatter came over the Trooper's walkie-talkie and he waved us and the red Prius ahead of us on our way. Over the ridge, we caught a glimpse of the crew wrapping up the shot.

    There were some cars behind us also (it was far from crowded, but a 20 minute wait will collect a few autos even here) so we couldn't dilly-dally, but my eagle-eyed co-pilot riding shotgun managed to grab the camera and snap a few pics of the film crew and the automobile star of the commercial. 

    As we passed, Leila just managed to point the camera behind us and snap a photo of the Caddie. 

    Hmm…. pretty sure that's a Cadillac CTS-V. (2012 model?)

    Here's one from a publicity still- and racing along some stretch of desert highway. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any new commercials for the Cadillac CTS-V, so I can point at the TV and say "Hey! We saw them filming part of that commercial!"

    A local resident of the Valley of Fire who has probably seen his fair share of car commercials in progress.

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